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My Musical Background:

Dean'o plays Clarinet, Soprano, Alto, C Melody, Tenor, Baritone sax's and started playing from a very early age. As well as Clarinet & all Sax's, Dean'o also plays and experiments on "EWI" Electronic Wind Instruments with bands. Dean'o started playing recorder at school at the age of 6 years, at the age of 10 years he started on Clarinet and studied both Clarinet and Theory of music until the age of 15 when he then started to learn the finer points of playing Sax. Although not a truly accomplished musician, Dean'o has gigged with most bands in the South of England with an excellent reputation as a improviser and a session musician and until recently returning to the UK, was formerly living in Eire. A session musician for countless years, Dean'o has gigged with many Known musicians and some not so known. Dean'o has his roots firmly planted in Soul / Jazz / blues which goes a long way to describing his melodic soulful approaches to melody lines, has been described as one of the South's premier Sax players, and is always in demand with Soul & function bands in the region. Soprano Sax is a particular love of Dean'o, and this really does come across in many of the numbers he has in his set, the almost crying melody's of the Soprano, are a testament to this, and the envy of many a fine Sax player. Dean'o has for years studied improvisation and the art of this most unusual music form, which bears witness to his playing, which is unusual, with melodic undertones. Dean'o was first introduced to sax from a very early age, and has been playing ever since, Royal school of Music exams for theory under his belt complimenting the soulful playing and filling in for the general tone of any band. Dean'o has had the honor to have played for/with the following known musicians, whilst working as one of the south's leading session musician's.



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