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"DeanoTheSaxman" (Hampshire, U.K.)

Weddings / Functions / Events & Gig's:

Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Functions, catered for.

With over 30 years experience, I know that my playing will make a great difference to your special event. Itís not just about playing songs, but more about using the sax to express the emotions of a tune. If Iím playing for a bride, the performance must be a memorable one for her and one of the highlights of her special day.

If Iím providing background music, the sax should not be intrusive but help create the right atmosphere with songs chosen to suit the occasion. Iíll use my experience to offer advice on song choices from my Popular, Jazz and Contemporary score sheets, but of course, ultimately the decision is yours.

I play a tasteful set of backing numbers with the aid of a P.A. system (Personal Address) and my pro rack MP3 backing track player.

The prospect of playing new songs is always something that appeals to me, so if thereís a particular song you would like which isnít currently in my (REPERTOIRE LIST), then Iíd love to play it for you. Of course Iíd need enough time to write a backing track and perfect the song and it needs to be something that I think would work on the sax. But Iím always up for a challenge and would love to discuss any requests with you.

I am based in HAMPSHIRE, U.K. but Iím willing to travel anywhere. My fee's are amongst the fairest in the country, the price I charge will reflect the length of time Iím playing, and time in attendance, also the distance I have to travel. All prices quoted are also inclusive of set-up and breakdown times.

Playing can consist of playing during the signing of the register (Subject to location), a song for the married couple to leave the wedding venue or playing at the reception.

(Please be aware that location changes during the event, are not always possible, as P.A. backing & other equipment has to be moved).

Your event needs may only mean that you want me to play a couple of song's, and not for the whole day, in which case the price you receive and are quoted, would reflect such a request.

Itís always best to contact me at DeanoTheSaxman@Hotmail.Co.Uk with your requests to allow me to give you a more accurate and definite cost. I can also let you know if I play and travel to your specific area of the U.K. (Travel costs permitting)

If you do decide to book me for your special occasion, you can be guaranteed that Iíll do all I can to work with you and advise you so that my inclusion in your day is a memorable one.

-------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING ! --------------------------------------------

When booking please be aware that a flat playing space of 7í(foot) by 7í(foot) MINIMUM is required for my P.A. system and myself ( With NO ONE to be sitting within 3í foot of PLEASE ) of any of my amplification.

I play a tasteful set of backing numbers with the aid of a P.A. system (Personal Address) and my pro rack MP3 backing track player, so please be aware that an "Approved" 240v mains electric power source is needed where you intend me to play.

Outdoor performances (If playing is "set-up" for outside) need to be safeguarded with an undercover area for the Sax player & his equipment in case of rain, the event organiser needs to be aware that the outdoor "Approved" mains electric's needs to be waterproofed, (or a provision for waterproofing).

Please also be aware that a "Contract Of Engagement" needs to be delivered to you for signature, at least (One Month) before the event commencement date, should you wish to have a confirmed & booked event date.

The "Contract Of Engagement", when signed, should then be returned to me, along with the correct booking deposit stated to you, and also stated in the received duplicated copy's of the "Contract Of Engagement".

(A supplied duplicate copy of this contract, is to be kept by you, for your information).

Some of my playing samples can be listened to on this very site (Sound Samples) page as well as on YouTube at the following address

Many thanks, and I hope you have a great day Ö

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